Patient Testimonials

“I have been seeing Dr. Stoudt for many years. Whatever my injury or surgery he has performed with wonderful success. The staff treats you like family. There is never a long wait to be seen. They know your time is valuable also. So, if you want a great doctor. Dr. Stoudt is your man!”

– Michele F.

“Highly recommend for Orthopedics! Had total knee replacement…very pleased with it! Dr. Stoudt and his staff are very professional, friendly and pleasant.”

– Roman R.

“This was my second knee surgery with Dr. Stoudt. And, again, he and his staff are nothing but professional, knowledgeable & courteous! I already recommended one patient and would recommend anyone here.”

– Joseph S.

“Dr. Stoudt comes highly recommended by the hospital staff that works closely with him and his patients. The newly renovated office is clean and well equipped to handle all your needs. There is a highly qualified staff onsite to fit braces, assist with injections, and perform x-rays. The front desk staff is always friendly, thorough, and helpful.”

– Rebecca U.

“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Dr. Stoudt and his staff! I had carpal tunnel surgery done he explained the whole procedure and answered every question I had. The girl who scheduled my surgery was super nice and prompt with providing me with everything I needed before surgery. Best decision I ever made my hand has never felt better! Wouldn’t recommend anyone else.”

– Anonymous

“I saw another orthopedic surgeon in Pottsville he stated I needed surgery. I went to Dr. Stoudt for a second opinion, he fixed my issue without surgery. Some doctors are out to just make money. He, on the other hand, is out to fix the problem. He saved me time off from work and a lot of money…I will never go to any other orthopedic surgeon in the area but him.”

– Anonymous

“Dr. Stoudt is the only Orthopedic Surgeon that my husband and myself trust. He is very particular in his surgeries and care. He explains everything in detail so that the patient will know what to expect.”

– Anonymous

“If anyone asks me about an Orthopedic doctor or surgeon I always recommend Dr. Stoudt to them. He is Excellent. I have had to get several steroid shots and I have heard horror stories of how they hurt, but when he does them you don’t feel anything. He also has a great sense of humor, good bedside manner and is always in a great mood.”

– Anonymous

“I went to another orthopedic doctor in the area and was concerned about his diagnosis, so I went to Dr. Stoudt for a second opinion and I am glad I did. The first Dr. said I needed surgery right away. Dr. Stoudt gave me an injection and physical therapy and I am 100% better. Thank you Dr. Stoudt, you saved me money and an unnecessary surgery. He is the best!”

– Anonymous

“Dr. Stoudt is a very caring doctor, along with the whole staff. They treat you as though you are family. Of all the doctors that I have gone to, Dr. Stoudt is one of the few that takes the time with you.”

– Anonymous

“I can’t say enough about the care and compassion my husband and I received when my husband was treated by Dr. Stoudt for his hip replacement. I was so worried about him and Dr. Stoudt took time to explain and give some comforting words to help me understand his surgery. That is why I decided to be treated by him when I broke my ankle. Very informative,  CARING and thorough. This includes his whole staff in his office. Whatever I needed, paperwork, appts, etc. I can’t say enough good things. I would highly recommend Dr. Stoudt to my friends, family and, anyone in need of treatment!”

– Kimberly P.

“I can not say enough about the kindness and caring Dr. Stoudt has shown my mother. She had hip pain and was afraid of having to get her hip replaced. We saw dr. Stoudt and he walked her through the surgery and she had it done. She is a new person. Thank you for your professionalism and kindness.”

– Anonymous

“Both my mom and my husband have been patients of Dr. Stoudt. He is a very capable doctor and surgeon who also takes the time to speak with both the patient and their family. My mom had a knee replacement. It was done locally. During her surgery and aftercare she was cared for by wonderful healthcare professionals. I highly recommend Dr. Stoudt and his staff. Thank you for all you have done.”

– Robyn

“Dr Stoudt is an excellent surgeon. He replaced my knee 10 weeks ago, and it’s never felt stronger. He leaves nothing to chance, doing x-rays and several pre-op and post-op office visits, as well as ordering antibiotics right before surgery. I still have another knee to replace, and I will definitely return to Dr. Stoudt. I would, and have, recommend him to anyone!”

– Jean B.

“From my first visit; I enjoyed the medical services provided by Dr. Stoudt. First, he listens, he continues with questions about the problem. He is swift to give a diagnoses and a solution. The staff is equally friendly. A great relaxing atmosphere. I highly recommend Dr. Stoudt. Thanks to the staff.”

– Sylvia G. 

“With the recommendation from my primary care doctor I went to r. Stoudt for a painful damaged shoulder. After x-rays and some conversation, he diagnosed a rotator cuff problem. I was successfully treat with physical therapy. I continue my visits for pain management. A friendly office and a pleasure. Thank you, Dr. Stoudt!”

– Anonymous

“I came to Stoudt Orthopedics with pain with pain in both hips. The staff is very courteous and Dr. Stoudt was wonderful. After looking at x-rays of both hips he determined that I had severe arthritis in both hips. He scheduled me for surgery to have on hip done and 6 months later the second. He performs the anterior approach which results in faster healing time. I would recommend Dr. Stoudt to anyone that needs hip replacement surgery performed. Thank you!!!”

– Glenn C.

“I have no complaints with Dr. Stoudt and his assistants. They were wonderful and very friendly, they made you feel comfortable and explained everything to me very well. Dr. Stoudt is wonderful and he explained everything clearly that was on my x-ray and MRI. He told me everything that he was going to do in the operating room and continued on telling me till the day of my surgery. He made me feel calm and like I had nothing to worry about. I would recommend Dr. Stoudt to anyone that needs to have any kind of surgery on their knee or leg. I am really and truly pleased with the outcome of my knee surgery.”

– Debra S. 

“Very good. Into my appointment they took me early. Dr. Stoudt checked me out and I was good to go. His workers all are very nice and treat you with respect. I felt at ease and he answered any questions I had.”

– Anne K. 

“Dr. Stoudt did a total knee replacement on my right knee. Before I had my knee done I walked with a cane and was in so much pain. Now it is like a miracle.. no cane and no pain. Dr. Stoudt is very talented and an amazing surgeon, I would recommend him highly. His staff are always welcoming and willing to help you anyway they can! For anymore of my future orthopedic conditions, I have no doubt where I will go. To the best Dr. Stoudt, thank you!”

– Kathryn R. 

” Dr. Stoudt did my hip replacement in August 2021. My surgery was very successful no doubt due to his talent. I would recommend Dr. Stoudt to everyone.”

– Roman B. 

“Dr. Stoudt is an excellent surgeon. He replaced my knee 11 months ago, and it’s never felt stronger. He leaves nothing to chance, doing x-rays and several pre-op office visits, as well as ordering antibiotics right before surgery. I will definitely return to Dr. Stoudt. I would, and have, recommend him to anyone! The staff is excellent and welcome you with a smile! Any questions or concerns they are ready to help. Thank you!”

– Gloria W. 

“I would highly recommend Dr. Stoudt. He and his staff are very professional and extremely helpful. I was dealing with a bad hip for many years. The arthritis in my hip was so bad that I could not stand up or walk straight anymore; truth is, I could hardly walk at all. Dr. Stoudt performed a hip replacement surgery and I am now pain free and walking easily again. I am so glad that I had the surgery! God bless Dr. Stoudt and his staff!”

– Cynthia B. 

“I had a great experience. I had a right knee replacement in March 2021. I was able to dance at my daughters wedding in September and hike Bushkill Falls in October. Dr. Stoudt took excellent care of me and the staff is very friendly and excellent.  I would definitely recommend Stoudt Orthopedics. My walking before my knee replacement was terrible. After my knee replacement and physical therapy, I have no pain and I can walk with no problems!”

– Tracey R. 

“Dr. Stoudt is one of those no nonsense, tell it like it is doctors that knows what he’s talking about.  I’ve known quite a few people who have had knee or hip replacement surgery and ended up with infections or troubles after surgery. Dr. Stoudt goes out of his way to make sure that there is no chance for infection and is excellent at what he does! I may not be looking forward to having my next knee done but I know for sure where I’ll be going to have it done! It’s been quite a few years since I walked without a limp and it feels great!”

– Lorraine W. 

“I highly recommend Dr. Stoudt. I have been a patient for several years. Dr. Stoudt has done carpal tunnel surgery on both my wrists, meniscus repair surgery, and a shoulder arthroscopy.  Most recently, he did a total knee replacement on my left knee. Five months post surgery, and I feel great. Throughout the surgical and recovery process, Dr. Stoudt was forthcoming and honest about what to expect, and he was spot on. I was afraid to have the surgery, but today I am so glad I did. Dr. Stoudt is compassionate, thorough and an extremely skilled surgeon. You are in good hands with Dr. Stoudt.”

– Lynn B. 

“I had a total knee done in January. All went well thanks to Dr. Stoudt’s care. Knee is working well, like new!”

– John W. 

“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Dr. Stoudt and his staff!  I highly recommend Dr. Stoudt for orthopedics. I had a hip replacement and was very pleased. He is very meticulous in his surgeries and care. He takes the time with you to explain everything in detail. He is a no-nonsense surgeon and as a retired nurse, that means a lot.  Dr. Stoudt and his staff are very professional, friendly and pleasant.”

– Ann R. 

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Stoudt for years.  He replaced both of my knees in 2021 and I can’t tell you how great I feel. Dr. Stoudt did an amazing job!   His team are all great, very friendly, and understanding. I would recommend Dr. Stoudt to anyone needing an orthopedic doctor!”

– Vicki H. 

“Dr. Stoudt is a wonderful doctor. He explained my hip issues in full detail and didn’t rush right in to do surgery. Eventually surgery was the way to go. I had the fullest confidence in him. From the beginning, through recovery he was amazing. He explained how the surgery went with my wife, and took his time, never rushing. All through recovery and rehab he was great. Every office visit was great, and he has a fabulous staff as well. I highly recommend him!”

– Paul W. 

“I have been going to Dr. Stoudt for many years and would trust my life with him! I’ve had a hip replacement and both my knees done by him. In my opinion, he is the best in Schuylkill County. I always have a very good experience when I go there and his staff is absolutely  wonderful! Very pleasant and courteous. Thank you Dr. Stoudt and staff, you are the best!”

– Kathleen D. 

“My visits are always excellent, Dr. Stoudt is very informative! Him and his staff are always kind and pleasant.”

– Linda S. 

“I recently had surgery for a torn medial meniscus. I was given a timely appointment when I called for the first time. Within 3 weeks I had an MRI, follow up visit and was scheduled for surgery. The office staff was courteous and professional. The scheduling process went very smoothly. Dr. Stoudt thoroughly explained the procedure and made sure I understood what to expect for the surgery and the recuperation period. I closely followed his instructions and as a result I had a very good outcome. I would highly recommend him for knee surgeries!”

– Venassa C.

“I had knee replacement surgery and just want to thank Dr. Stoudt and staff for being so wonderful. The extra precaution that the doctor took was greatly appreciated. If you follow what Dr. Stoudt tells you to do, you will have a successful recovery like I did. I know I will need my other knee done in the future and I will surely be back at Stoudt Orthopedics.”

– Charles F.

” Dr. Stoudt is very knowledgeable and experienced. I recommend him to everyone. I had both my knees replaced, as well as carpal tunnel surgery and am now better than ever. I cannot praise him and his work enough. Thank you, Dr. Stoudt!”

– Jeanine K. 

“Dr. Stoudt got me back on my feet and eventually back on my horse. Seventy years old and I would have been in a wheelchair by now if it weren’t for him. He is very disciplined and there is no B.S. with this surgeon. He replaced both hips and helped me with my bad back. He keeps me on my horse riding into the sunset of my life. God Bless him and the experts that he surrounds himself with.”

-Robert S.

“Dr. Stoudt did my right knee and did a perfect job. I just set up my surgery for my left knee. Dr. Stoudt and his office staff are great to deal with. I would never think of going to anyone else.”

-Dennis H.

“I would like to commend Dr. Stoudt for his quick diagnosis on my 98 year old mother on her knee issue.  The staff got my mother’s appointment quickly, i.e., the very next day.  She is doing a lot better and is on the mends.  We appreciate all the professionalism and expertise.  Dr. Stoudt was kind and very caring.  All the nurses and staff were all great too.  Thank you”

-Elaine P.

“Dr. Stoudt has performed knee replacement surgery on both of my knees. Both surgeries went well and I was back to work after 3 months at a job that requires a lot of walking and doing steps. He and his staff are professional and accommodating. Dr. Stoudt explained the surgical procedure and expected outcomes prior to my surgeries. He suggested pre-surgery therapy and exercises. I believe that, plus the post-surgery therapy and at home exercises, expedited my return to normal activities.”

-Bob S. 

“Dr. Stoudt repaired my hip when I fractured it and did an excellent job. I was very pleased with his care and the results of the surgery. I talked with several people who were patients of his…from broken bones to hip and knee replacements, he was highly recommended by everyone I spoke to.  He replaced my knee a few months ago and the results were excellent! He will be doing the replacement of my other knee. Both he and his staff are professional and caring. I highly recommend Stoudt Orthopedics for all your orthopedic needs. I thank them all for everything.”

-Donna S. 

“I had my first knee done in May and my experience was nothing but flawless. Dr. Stoudt and his staff are fantastic. I just had my other knee done in October and again, everything went fantastic. Stoudt Orthopedics is the only place to go in my opinion.. they are great!”

-Dennis H. 

“Dr. Stoudt is a very good doctor. I had a hip replacement and was back to work in less than two months. I am pain free and doing things easily. I would recommend Dr. Stoudt for any orthopedic problems. He will do a great job. Thank you so much Dr. Stoudt!”

-Scott W. 

“Dr.  Stoudt is an outstanding doctor. He explains everything that is going to happen and answers all of your questions in ways you understand.  Great staff, always smiling and happy!”

-Timothy M. 

“Dr. Stoudt is a wonderful doctor. He is so caring and compassionate. He did a great job fixing my arm!  The staff is friendly and are always so helpful. They can answer any of your questions. I recommend him to everyone! ”

-Madeline W.

“My family and I are so grateful to you for giving me my life back. I am able to walk again without my cane and walker. Because of you, I was able to dance at both my granddaughter and my grandson’s weddings this past year. Thank you to your staff for making my visits very comforting. They make me feel at home when I come there. Thank you!”

-Sandra G.

“I have had a terrific experience with Dr. Stoudt and his staff. I have had both hips replaced and I couldn’t be more thankful that he was recommended to me. I highly recommend Dr. Stoudt for any orthopedic needs!”

-Eric A. 

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